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To finish your AR-15 80% lower with your drill press you'll need a jig. The Nova Tool jig is the best on the market, giving the best quality results in the least time. We use aluminum side plates as most jigs do BUT, that's where the similarity ends. The Nova Tool jig has hardened steel drill bushings in the side plates (both sides - you don't have to drill all the way through from one side and risk a crooked hole) and hardened steel top plates instead of just aluminum or anodized aluminum found on other jigs. That means the Nova Tool jig will last through many builds, not just one or two.

And, instead of endless drilling with a tiny, little drill to remove the material for the fire control pocket, just 5 holes with larger drills removes the bulk of the material. Then finishing with an end mill - all guided by the hardened steel guide plates. The Nova Tool jig finishes the pocket complete without the need for secondary operations with a rotary grinder.

Complete instructions are included and you can see the Nova Tool jig in operation in the video below. The video is real time - not speeded up or cut. As you can see from the video, the lower can be completed in 30 minutes but, if this is your first build, it will take longer - it's not a race - read the instructions before you start - take your time. It's the end result that's important, not how fast you get done.

Click here to order the Nova Tool jig WITH 80% lower receivers

Click here to order the Nova Tool jig WITHOUT lower receivers.