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Now there is a quick, easy way to brand tires and equipment with serial numbers, inventory numbers or whatever numbering system that will suit your purpose. Ten digits, from 0-9 on one, solid head, all heated at one time and kept hot by the powerful internal heater. The TB1000 will brand almost any material that will burn or melt.

-1 inch characters from 0-9 around outside of head - can make any number
-Self contained heating unit keeps all digits hot
-Slot in face of branding head for up to 4 more characters - numbers or letters - or logo
-Built in stand supports branding head during heat up and idle - folds back when branding
-Rugged construction for long life
-Available in 120 or 240 volt
-Also available - propane powered unit (see below) for use without electrical power

We can customize this branding head - put any 10 characters or symbols on it instead of the standard numbers. Please call for more infomation!
Voltage  Part Number Price
120 volt BI-NTCTB1000-120 $350.00
240 volt BI-NTCTB1000-240 $365.00

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E-mail: will.aerni@novatoolco.com
    Propane Tire Brander

    Same branding head as electric iron above but heated with propane flame. Includes branding head, torch head, 10' hose, handle, valve and propane fitting. Use bar-b-que or larger propane tank.
Part Number Price
BI-JET-TB $405.00

NEW!! - Order Online
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Or Call 1-800-826-7606
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E-mail: will.aerni@novatoolco.com