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Hand held or mounted in your drill press, commercial duty branding irons with your logo or other art. Electric irons from 150 to 800 watts at 115 or 240 volts (Higher and lower wattages available on special order). For branding dies up to 21 square inches. Dies are removeable and replaceable. Logo branding irons also available as flame heated.

This table shows standard watt sizes, branding die sizes and maximum area of images. These are just guidelines - we can supply an iron with specifications to suit your exact application.
Model Number Watts Maximum die width Maximum die height Maximum
BI-NTC15 150-250 3.00 2.00 6.00
BI-NTC20 150-250 3.00 1.50 4.50
BI-NTC25 250-350 3.50 2.50 7.00
BI-NTC35 350-500 4.00 3.00 10.00
BI-NTC50 500-750 5.00 3.00  12.50
BI-NTC70 600-750 7.00 3.00 20.00
BI-NTC70SQ 700-800 6.00 4.00 21.00

Commercial duty logo branding irons priced as low as $250!
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E-mail: will.aerni@novatoolco.com